The Right Steps As Per Your Websites

In recent years, the complexity of creating websites has increased due to the use of responsive technology. How to keep the overview and handle projects in time and in budget, you can find out here.

What has changed?

Often “responsive web design” only links the technical innovations that allow programmers to optimally visualize the appearance of websites on any device. In reality, however, responsive design requires a rethink in the project process and especially in the content strategy, as another dimension is added.

The effort for responsive web projects is underestimated

If you want to work with the proven processes, the effort often goes up to 5-8 times, because for the appropriate design would therefore be planned and designed for each device and all major main resolutions a representation. Expenses in the design process explode and the project budget is far exceeded. If the customer then comes with “content” and some headlines are longer than planned, the process starts again and adjustments for each resolution must be made. The right Affordable websites come with the effective designs now.

  • The most important changes in the overview
  • The content moves to the central point in the project flow. ??
  • Instead of fixed layouts, a modular system of “content elements” is defined.

The process in which the website is created is agile rather than linear. The more intense the collaboration with the customer, the more successful content and design go hand in hand.

Process and Workflow Responsive Design

The content thus comes first, the early creation of a content inventory list together with the customer facilitates the conception of the Responsive page. The result is a building block of content building blocks that can be dynamically assembled according to the requirements of the site.

With this strategy, the content can also be easily adjusted to the needs of the target groups in the ongoing operation of the website, without having to create new page templates.

In connection with the creation of landing pages eg for a Google Adwords campaign a practical matter.

Tip:In the contracting phase, the workflow should already be contractually defined in order to guarantee an optimal result in terms of time and budget.

Do not neglect the onpage optimization

Onpage Optimization is designed to help search engines find and sift through the site . Because in order for you to get more visitors to the website, the search engines must of course be able to find them.

The following points should be noted:

The simplest possible navigation:

All pages should be accessible from the main page with just a few clicks (eg via the navigation). Make sure there are no pages that are not linked to any other page. Make your website logical and ask friends and clients how to navigate the site. Give up as many levels as possible, usually two to three highest enough. Ensure clarity and also link within your own pages, especially on important pages. Again, do not overdo it.

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