Things to follow to achieve success in the Xtreme SEO Marketing

SEO, you’ve heard about it but Xtreme SEO Marketing, it’s still a bit of Chinese for you? To put it simply, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques designed to optimize the contents of a website or page to get them back into the positions of search engine results. However, SEO techniques evolve at Google’s pace. Here are 7 SEO tips that will help you optimize your pages.

Write with relevant keywords (LSI)

To define the relevant keywords to use in your article, you must first determine a targeted expression from which keywords will flow. LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is the collection of related, synonymous or similar keywords. The target keyword’s density should be between 1% and 3% of an article or page.It will be necessary to place these key words LSI in the titles, subtitles, the contents, and the title of the page or in the hypertext links.

Here are some tools to find relevant keywords:

Google search

You can use Google’s search suggestions. Type an expression such as “Restaurant Paris” and you will see the terms related to it. For information, the same technique also works with You Tube.You will also find searches associated with a given keyword at the bottom of the search engine:

Keyword Ad Planner: The Essential Tool for Web Editors

This free tool allows you to know the terms associated with a targeted phrase that is most searched on Google. It therefore lists the terms, synonyms to use. This allows you to easily obtain the semantic field of your expression. You will be able to write your pages with the most relevant and appropriate terms. This is very important for SEO.

Heal your images

Rename your images by saving them with keywords with dashes between each word but not too long. On blogs use the ALT attribute to describe your image. Thus, if the image does not load, you will understand its purpose. Moreover this can optimize your SEO. Use “tags” for your images.

Use the appropriate files: PNG for graphics or info-graphics, GIF when there are few colors, JPEG for visuals with good quality. When saving in JPEG, choose a 60% resolution so that the loading time on the site is not too long.

Guest blogging

You can also think of guest articles to improve the SEO of your site or blog indirectly. Several options are available to you:Being interviewed by a blogger who is interested in your activity for this you need to contact bloggers by e-mail or social networks to tell them about your activity. Make a guest article on your blog in exchange for one on another blog in your topic

The goal is to establish a real relationship of trust in the long term with bloggers so they can talk about you instinctively by providing a link to your site when they write an article on your topic.

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